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Golden Door Geriatric Centre

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Vision, Mission, Values

Golden Door Geriatric Centre is a health care organization devoted to the care of the older adult, the aim of which is to provide a high level of overall care in a healthy and positive atmosphere, with due regard to the individual Residentís worth and dignity.

Golden Door Geriatric Centre is a Long Term Care facility whose purpose/mission is to provide nursing and rehabilitation services, personal care, and/or supervision of the activities of daily living for those individuals whose needs indicate that they require this nature of care.

Golden Door Geriatric Centre believes that:

Each Resident must be treated with dignity & respect.
The quality of life of each Resident is based on their uniqueness as a person. This includes fulfillment of their physical, cognitive, psychosocial and spiritual needs.
All Residents have a right to services & programs that maximize their quality of life which includes fulfillment of their need for meaningful creative activity, privacy and fellowship.
All Residents should live in a clean, comfortable, home-like atmosphere conducive to personal health & well-being.  This includes the right of Residents, family & staff to have input into decisions that will have impact on the milieu of Golden Door Geriatric Centre.
The sense of individual Resident identity is dependent on satisfying & meaningful relationships with family, friends, associates & staff.
The diversity of cultural & ethnic heritage should be respected.