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Golden Door Geriatric Centre

Our Services
Quality Care

Golden Door Geriatric Centre provides a nurturing environment for elderly people requiring professional nursing care. Our Quality Care program supports Residents’ health needs, in a home-like setting, promoting personal dignity, safety, companionship, meaningful activity, and enjoyment of life.

Under the supervision of the Care Coordinator, professional nursing services are provided by Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Health Care Aides.

Individual care plans are developed to address ongoing needs. Information we gather from you on the pre-admission visit and information you give us on admission are used to develop your initial care plan. You and your family are encouraged to be part of your care planning process. If there is information regarding your care/services let us know at any time so we can adjust your care plan. A care conference will be scheduled within eight weeks after admission and annually thereafter or more often if required. You and your family will be asked to attend the care conference along with nursing staff, recreation staff and dietary staff. The Dietician, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist and your Doctor may not be in attendance but will provide a written summary. Feel free to discuss any concerns about your care at this time or at any other time with a Registered or Licensed nurse.

Physician Services
Our Medical Director is responsible for the overall medical care of Residents, which is provided by three physicians. Each physician has a group of residents for whom they are responsible and are on call for those residents at all times. Physicians visit regularly to assess residents and prescribe treatment. All physicians have access to hospital care for residents as needed.

Personal Care
Health Care Aides provide personal care to Residents 24 hours per day, and support with activities of daily living including bathing, grooming and personal care. Health Care Aides provide encouragement and assistance with eating, supporting Residents’ enjoyment of meals.

Social Work
Residents and families are provided with support in the processes and adjustments involved in becoming a new Resident. Our Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) is responsible for ongoing liaison for families, Public Trustee and community organizations, and to provide emotional support for Residents and their families. The RSC facilitates Resident Care Conferences, and Resident/Family Council meetings, and ensures that any concerns or recommendations are addressed.

Our Staff Development Coordinator is responsible for the education and training needs of staff. Regular educational sessions are provided to staff on caring for the elderly. Staff are provided with continuing education related to our Resident Bill of Rights, infection control, skin care, safety measures, least restraint policies, meal time assistance, dementia care and fire safety. Staff members are also supported to attend external educational workshops, seminars and conferences.

Our Recreation Program runs 7 days a week, daytime and evening. Activities are designed to enhance Residents’ interests and abilities, to promote companionship and enjoyment. Activities include group fitness, craft program, baking, music, games, birthday parties, BBQs and Resident/family events. One-to-one programs include visiting, music and pet therapies, and sensory stimulation. Group outings provide wheelchair transit and support.

Pastoral Care
Church services are held regularly, on a rotational basis by the different denominations in the Fort Garry area. Church representatives visit regularly, and visiting is arranged to meet individual needs.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy is provided weekly to assess Residents’ needs for transfer and mobility assistance. The therapist may recommend exercise programs, walking and seating support equipment such as walkers, canes and wheelchairs. Referrals may also be made for Speech Language Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Food Services
Meals, and snacks, are prepared from basic ingredients in our kitchen. We serve three tasty, well-balanced meals and three nutritional snacks each day. All are designed to provide optimal nutrition and enjoyment. A range of diets are available, and are guided by our Registered Dietition. Working closely with the Director of Care and the Food Services Manager, she provides for the nutritional care and support for each Resident.

Housekeeping & Laundry Services
Housekeeping services are provided and maintain a high standard, enabling Residents to live in a home that is comfortable, clean and safe. Laundry is done on site by the staff at Golden Door, unless the family prefers to do the laundry at home. All clothing and bedding brought into Golden Door should be machine washable and dryable. Staff members participate on our continuing quality improvement teams, and assist in the planning and monitoring of our quality services.

Additional Services
We arrange for a number of optional services to accommodate Residents. These services involve an additional cost.

  • Podiatry - A podiatrist comes in every six weeks to service the Residents. Prior to this service, the Resident must consent to treatment, and a consent form is required to be signed. There is an additional charge for this service.
  • Hearing and Vision Services – The Team Leader will arrange hearing and eye examinations for the Resident, if requested or required.
  • Hairdressing/Barber Services – A licensed hairdresser is available to provide hairdressing/barber services twice per week. Services include perms, cuts, wash and set, colours, and beard trims. The salon provides a sociable milieu for the enjoyment of Residents.