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Golden Door Geriatric Centre

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Resident Bill of Rights

Every Resident Has the Right to:

1. Live in a safe and clean environment.
2. Be treated with courtesy and respect, recognizing the Resident’s dignity and individuality, and to be free from all forms of abuse and neglect.
3. Be sheltered, fed, clothed (including daily clothing selection), groomed and cared for in a manner consistent with their needs.
4. Be told who is responsible for and who is providing their direct care.
5. Be afforded reasonable privacy while being treated and cared for.
6. Keep in their room and display personal possessions in keeping with safety, facility requirements, and other Residents’ rights.
7. Have the opportunity to participate fully in decision making for their care and safety, and obtain an independent medical opinion concerning any aspect of their care.
8. Receive appropriate assistance in order to maintain their independence.
9. Communicate and meet with their legal representative as often as necessary and in private as desired.
10. Have a representative who will be responsible and make decisions on their behalf when they are unable to make them.
11. Participate in decision making for the facility through the Resident Council.
12. Be free to communicate and visit with friends, family and others in private if desired.
13. Exercise freedom of choice of culture, religion, language and social activities.
14. Be informed of policies affecting their care or quality of life and to be aware of the procedure for initiating complaints/concerns.
15. Manage their own financial affairs where they are able to do so.
16. Be given access to protected areas outside the Centre in order to enjoy outdoor activity.

As reviewed and approved at the Resident Council meeting on October 29, 2007.